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Grameenphone launches digital care platform for hearing and speech impaired

FE Online Desk | Published: February 17, 2020 13:54:33

Grameenphone launches digital care platform for hearing and speech impaired

Grameenphone launched sign-line digital care dedicated for the hearing and speech impaired community on February 16 at The Westin Dhaka.  

Through this initiative, Grameenphone has incorporated sign language based digital care service in its official website and its self-service digital care app MyGP. Furthermore, the  ‘Kothagulo Hariye Na Jak Shobder Obhabe’ campaign will enable interested members of the community to learn the basics of sign language through a tutorial video by sign language expert Arafat Sultana Lata. Enable them to communicate with their near and dear ones, who are either speech or hearing impaired. Anyone can access this sign language video tutorial from Grameenphone’s official website and YouTube channel. 

 Even though Bangladesh has millions of hearing, and speech impaired people, the opportunities for learning sign languages are inadequate. As a result, they are unable to communicate appropriately with the rest of the population. Yasir Azman further stated, “The power of spoken language has been taken for granted, but we also need to accommodate this non-verbal mode of communication to create an inclusive society for everyone. The power of the internet provides a simple way to access and learn this skill through online video tutorials, enabling anyone interested to learn sign language.”


During the event, a team of sign-language experts led by Arafat Sultana Lata sang, Ekusher Gaan ‘Amar Bhai Er Rokte Rangano’. The event was also attended by Sajjad Hasib, Chief Marketing Officer, Nafees Anwar Choudhury, Head of Marketing, Khairul Basher, Head of Communications of Grameenphone and acclaimed actor and singer, Tahsan Khan.



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