UGC urges public universities to strengthen security measures

FE Online Report | Published: October 15, 2019 19:10:44 | Updated: October 17, 2019 11:41:18

University Grants Commission (UGC) has urged the country’s public university authorities to strengthen security measures on campuses in the wake of recent untoward incidents.

The UGC made the call in a statement on Tuesday as “students are being victim of harassment in different ways at some public universities of the country, even if, untoward incidents like killing are also taking place in these higher educational institutions.”

It also added that such  unwanted occurrences are pushing the students’ lives towards uncertainty and making the country unstable alongside, by damaging the overall environment of the university campus.

Under the situation, UGC urged the university administrations to take immediate steps for resolving the prevailing crisis.

UGC recently requested the public universities to strengthen security measures for teachers, students and staffers by ensuring proper monitoring of class rooms, halls and campuses, the statement read.

UGC also urged the university administrations to make provosts, assistant provosts/ house tutors alert for maintaining security of the students in every hall and university.

In this regard, university’s highest administration will be poised to extend cooperation.  

UGC issued a letter containing a number of directives to the public university administrations on January 08 for ensuring security measures for the students.


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