Prices of essentials go up alarmingly due to corruption, says Fakhrul

| Updated: September 07, 2022 20:27:56

Prices of essentials go up alarmingly due to corruption, says Fakhrul

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Wednesday alleged that the prices of essentials are going up alarmingly due to the government's 'corruption' and 'mismanagement'.

 “The management of the essential consumer goods market is held hostage by a syndicate of some corrupt businessmen who are beneficiaries of the illegitimate government,” he said.

Speaking at a press conference, the BNP leader also said the driving forces of the government are in the top position of the corrupt syndicate that is hiking the prices of the commodities. “Bangladesh is facing such consequences as the protector has turned predator."

 “The government’s corruption is behind the growing inflation and the current economic hardship. Because of the corruption, the prices of goods are increasing unrestrainedly, hitting hard the middle class, lower middle class and poor people of the country. Corruption, total failure, and mismanagement of the government have created this situation.”

The press conference was arranged at the BNP chairperson’s Gulshan office on the unbridled increase in the prices of essential commodities following the unusual fuel price hike and the growing inflation, reports UNB.

Fakhrul said the government has been spending public money imprudently on unnecessary projects, creating an economic crisis in the country.

He alleged that the Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) has been indulging in corruption by selling fuel at high prices while thousands of crores of taka are being siphoned off from the power sector. ”The way they indulged in corruption in 1974, the same way they are now doing it.”

Under the current situation of the country, the BNP leader urged the country’s people and all political parties to get united to ensure the fall of the current regime.

“This corrupt government has no accountability to people. They have become ruthlessly cruel and merciless as they are least bothered about the welfare of people. "Let's get rid of this regime through a united mass movement on the streets," Fakhrul said

Showing a comparative picture of the increase in the prices of daily essentials and inflation, he said inflation in June soared to 7.56 per cent which is the highest in the last nine years. “People's purchasing capacity has also decreased a lot. People are struggling to survive."

The BNP leader said the prices of almost everything that a family needs to buy from the kitchen market, including rice, pulses, oil, sugar, flour, vegetables, eggs, chicken and fish, have gone up further due to hike in fuel prices. These price hikes are a direct blow to people with limited income who are already affected by inflation.”

He said when people are living in extreme misery due to skyrocketing prices of commodities, then the ministers are making reckless comments which is like rubbing salt in the wounds. “Ministers are joking about the plight of people. The country’s people want to get rid of the misrule. The government has turned Bangladesh into a failed state through plundering, corruption, money laundering and misrule.

As his attention was drawn to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s recent directives to law enforcers not to obstruct the opposition's protest and not to arrest and harass the protesters, Fakhrul said "We never believe any of her (Prime Minister's) words because they don't do what they say.”

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