PM's speech will deepen country's political impasse: BNP

| Updated: January 14, 2018 21:16:58

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Giving his party's instant reaction to the PM’s speech on Friday,BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said the Prime Minister's stance on the election-time government will only deepen the country's existing political crisis.

The nation has got frustrated with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's address to the nation as there is no indication for reaching a political understanding over the next general election, Fakhrul said while talking to reports at BNP chairperson Gulshan office after the Prime Minister's address to the nation.

"We didn't find any sign in the Prime Minister's speech for a political negotiation and resolving the current crisis. It's a matter of utter frustration," he said.

The BNP leader further said, "We think there's nothing in the Prime Minister's address to resolve the crisis. Rather, it'll push the country towards another crisis."

Earlier, the Prime Minister in her address made it clear that the next general election will be held as per the Constitution, and expressed her high optimism that all the parties registered with the Election Commission will take part in the polls for upholding the country's democratic process.

Sheikh Hasina said this while addressing the nation marking the completion of her government's four years in office after the January-5, 2014 national election, says a UNB report.

Fakhrul said people had an expectation that the Prime Minister will come up with some directions for holding a credible and meaningful national election overcoming the current problem. "It's regrettable that she couldn't do it which made the nation disappointed."

He said the county's people want a fair and credible election and they will not accept any unjustified move of the government.

Referring to Prime Minister's statement that the next election will held as per as Constitution, the BNP leader said it has demonstrate that the 11th parliamentary elections will not be possible to hold in a fair and acceptable manner.

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