Parliament thrives on making ‘black laws’: BNP

| Updated: October 31, 2018 19:26:08

Parliament thrives on making ‘black laws’: BNP

BNP on Thursday alleged that the current parliament has been on a spree of making 'black laws' to establish Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's 'dictatorship' and revive 'Baksal' in the country, reports UNB.

"A spree of enacting black laws by those became parliament members without vote is going on as the current parliament passed around 200 bills in its 23 sessions," said BNP senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi.

Speaking at a press conference at the party's Nayapaltan central office, he further said, "The anti-people and bad bills were passed for establishing Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's absolute dictatorship in the country."

Citing a remark of 18 centuries' noted British parliamentarian Edmund Burke bad laws are the worst sort of tyranny, he said black laws are in fact like cruel oppression on people.

The BNP leader alleged that 18 bills, including digital security one, were passed in parliament's last session to control the media and gag people's voice.

He said efforts are on to make new laws in the current session as well suppress people. "The duration of this parliament session has got increased to enact more laws."

Rizvi said the Prime Minister is going to set a record of making 'black laws' to bring politics and the entire country under her grip.

He alleged that the Prime Minister is making the 'black laws' also to revive one-party rule Baksal in a different style.

The BNP leader warned that the government will not be able to hide its 'corruption, irregularities and misdeeds' at this age of information technology, no matter how much 'black laws' it passes.

He demanded the government immediately annul all the 'black laws', including the Digital Security Act, to restore the freedom of press and people's freedom of expression.

Rizvi also called upon the government to back off from its move to make more 'black laws' like 'Broadcast Bill'.

About the Prime Minister's remark that BNP acting chairman will be brought back home if her party is reelected, he said it has exposed her vengeful mentality. "She's been in power only to eliminate her political rivals, not for people's welfare."

He said no one, even a freedom fighter and human rights activist like Dr Zafrullah Chowdhury, is getting spared of the government's political vengeance.

Rizvi asked the ruling party leaders to get ready to face the trial for their 'misdeeds' in people's court.

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