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Oikyafront's election manifesto by December 8

| Updated: December 07, 2018 17:50:35

Oikyafront's election manifesto by December 8

Jatiya Oikyafront chief Dr Kamal Hossain has said their alliance will unveil election manifesto by December 8 ahead of 11th parliamentary election.

The Gono Forum president gave the information on Wednesday while talking to the reporters while inaugurating Oikyafront's new office at the capital's Bijoynagar area, reports UNB.

He urged all, including the media, to remain alert about any move to hamper an impartial and credible election.

"Efforts are on to interfere in holding an impartial and independent election, if you (media and people) remain alert and play an active role we'll able to tackle it in many ways," Dr Kamal said.

Kamal said the government is now in an uncertainty over the election as Jatiya Oikyafront joined it.

"They thought they would stay in power for five more years with an ordinary election as we're not prepared for it. Whenever we've declared to join the election, we've seen an uncertainty has created among them," he claimed.

The Oikyafront chief said a public consensus has been created in favour of the election while people are very eager to cast their votes.

"All want to exercise their voting rights independently and journalists can play a watchdog role in this regard," he said.

Kamal called upon journalists to let people know about the violation of laws and rules and 'unlawful and biased role' of the government officials and law enforcers.

"I think you (journalists) can guard people's voting rights. If you remain vigilant, we'll be able to realise people's demand for holding a free, fair and neutral election thwarting the government's all evil efforts," Kamal added.

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