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Mirza Fakhrul says govt arrests BNP leaders, activists indiscriminately

| Updated: October 20, 2022 21:12:12

Mirza Fakhrul says govt arrests BNP leaders, activists indiscriminately

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Monday accused the government of arresting the leaders and activists of the BNP indiscriminately and sending them to prisons across the country to prolong misrule.

“Arresting the BNP leaders and activists indiscriminately is the only means for the government to cling to power,” he said in a statement, UNB reported.

The statement was issued voicing concern over the jailing of Gazipur city unit BNP convener Md Sohrab Uddin by a court in a ‘false and politically motivated' case.

The BNP leader also said the opposition leaders and activists are not getting justice from courts.

“The Awami government is prolonging misrule by establishing its control over courts. That's why the BNP leaders and activists do not get any justice,” he said.

“As anarchy has been prevailing in every sector, including in economic, social and political spheres, and the exchequer has been empty, the government is using the state machinery indiscriminately to silence the opposition voices as part of its move to cover up its own failures.”

Fakhrul said Sohrab was sent to jail on Monday after rejecting his bail petition in the case.

He demanded immediate withdrawal of the ‘fabricated’ case against Sohrab and his unconditional release.

The BNP leader said the case against Sohrab was filed in Gazipur while he was staying abroad.

“The ruling party is trying to stay in power by terrorising and intimidating the BNP and opposition party leaders and activists through repressive measures. The country is now a large prison under the Awami dictatorship,” he said.

Fakhrul said that the motive behind the filing of the vindictive and false cases against the BNP leaders and workers is to thwart the ongoing movement meant to restore democracy.

“But people are starting to wake up from the grassroots. They’re now standing against the injustice and oppression of the government,” he warned.

The BNP pleader said Sohrab was denied bail and sent to jail only for raising his voice against the government. “Sending him to jail is yet another dreadful manifestation of the vindictive politics of the current government.”

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