Khaleda wants strong movement against 'neo-Baksal'

| Updated: January 25, 2018 23:28:30

Khaleda wants strong movement against 'neo-Baksal'

BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia has said a strong movement is a must to 'restore democracy' by defeating 'neo-Baksal'.

"People are now strongly committed to ousting the neo-Baksal regime. We must remove this heavy stone of Baksal through a vigorous movement," she said in a statement issued on Wednesday.

Khaleda issued the statement on Wednesday marking, what her party says, 'Democracy Killing Day'.

One-party Baksal rule was inducted on this day in 1975 through the 4th amendment to the constitution.

The party also observe January 5 as 'Democracy Killing Day' since 2015, marking the 10th parliamentary elections' day."

Khaleda said the then Awami League government in 1975 had established a one-party rule, Baksal, on this day in a bid to 'cling to power forever by annihilating multiparty democracy'.

She claimed that BNP founder Ziaur Rahman had restored democracy and introduced multiparty party democracy coming to power after November 7, 1975.

But, Khaleda said' the Awami-led current government again buried democracy being inspired by Baksal spirit after coming to power through various 'avenues of conspiracy'.

She alleged that snatching people's basic and human rights is the tradition of Awami League.

"They annulled the caretaker government system through the 15th amendment to the constitution sensing their debacle in fair polls," the former Prime Minister said.

According to UNB, the BNP chief also said the current government has eliminated the last sign of the rule of law, and snatched people's voting rights, freedom of expression and association by establishing its dictatorship.

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