Election Commission has ‘no objection’ to photo of Khaleda in election posters

| Updated: November 28, 2018 22:29:09

EC has ‘no objection’ to photo of Khaleda in election posters

BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia’s participation in the upcoming election is yet to be confirmed but the Election Commission has no objection to the use of her photo in the election posters of her party candidates.

According to the election rules, only the election symbol, photos of the candidate and the party chief are allowed to be used in the campaign posters for parliamentary election.

There is no restriction on the use of Khaleda’s photo in the campaign posters of her party candidates although she has been convicted in a case under the Penal Code, said Election Commission Secretary Helal Uddin Ahmed.

“If the candidates of a political party decide to use the photo of the party chief, they are allowed to do so. The law does not describe it directly,” he said in response to a question.

The election code of conduct says the campaign poster should be in black and white and no more than 60 cm by 45 cm. Banners should be in black and white too with 1 metre by 3 metres in size. The candidate can use no other photo other than self and the symbol.

The candidates can use the photo of their party chief if they are nominated by a registered political party.

Following this rule, the Awami League candidates can use the photo of Sheikh Hasina as their party chief and Jatiya Party candidates can use the photo of HM Ershad, said the EC officials.

Khaleda is still the chairperson of the BNP, according to the information available to the EC. The BNP candidates are unable to use any other person’s photo as their chairperson, in that case.

The EC said the alliance head cannot be pictured in posters if some candidates are contesting the election as part of an alliance, said the EC officials.

The last day of nomination submission is November 28 which will be scrutinised by December 2. The last day of nomination withdrawal is December 9, bdnews24.com reported.

The candidates cannot begin their official campaigns before Dec 10, according to the schedule. They can use posters, banners and other campaign materials from Dec 10 onwards.

Only, ‘portraits’ can be used in the posters and no photos of the candidate or party chief in any event, leading a procession or in a praying position can be used in posters. The maximum size of the photo should be 60 cm by 45 cm.

Election symbols should not exceed 3 metres in length, width or height for any candidate.

No candidates or his aides can disseminate posters without the names, addresses of printers and the date of printing.

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