BNP thoroughly dishonest, says Joy

| Updated: May 18, 2018 19:40:37

BNP thoroughly dishonest, says Joy

Prime Minister’s ICT Affairs Adviser Sajeeb Wazed Joy said that the BNP is thoroughly dishonest.

He came up with the remark on a facebook post on Wednesday night, reports UNB.

“Every day they hold a press conference to spout one lie after another, just hoping that some people are stupid enough to believe them,” said Joy.

He said that BNP is now making claims about the Khulna mayor elections, even though their candidate received barely half the votes of Awami League candidate. There were problems in only 3 polling centers out of 289, which is just one percent. The Election Commission did its job and stopped polling in those centers. BNP activists vandalized the centers and yet they are the ones making claims, said Sajeeb Wazed Joy.

In fact, it is the BNP that has continuously opposed the use of Electronic Voting Machines, noted Joy adding that “if EVMs were used in all polls then ballot stuffing becomes impossible. Yet they oppose them (EVMs).”

“Then there are the lies they are spouting about the Bangabandhu-1 satellite. First they tried to say that all our information will be leaked to foreigners through the satellite. This is such a stupid claim that only an uneducated, ignorant person could even say something like this. We are currently leasing capacity on foreign satellites. Foreign countries and companies control those satellites. Having our own satellite makes our information more secure, not less,” he said.

The ICT expert said that they (BNP) are making allegations of ownership of Bangabandhu-1. This is fully owned by the Bangladesh Communications Satellite Company, a 100 percent state-owned company just like Teletalk, BTCL, etc. “To say this has been handed over to private ownership is like saying Teletalk or Biman has been handed over to someone. This is legally impossible and again, only an idiot would believe this.”

“Bangabandhu-1 is a commercial telecommunications satellite. It is built with excess capacity so we can sell transponders and the Government of Bangladesh can make money. Anyone can buy capacity on our satellite. It is like leasing a connection from BTCL or Teletalk,”

“Of course, what else can you expect from those that steal money from orphans and burn people to death. Khaleda Zia is convicted and behind bars and then the BNP appointed Tarek as Acting Chairperson, another convict. They have absolutely no shame or honesty. They are just a bunch of crooks,” he added.

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