One killed, 20 hurt as BNP men clash with police in Narayanganj

| Updated: September 25, 2022 19:00:59

One killed, 20 hurt as BNP men clash with police in Narayanganj

A man died and at least 20 others were injured in clashes between BNP supporters and the police in Narayanganj.

The violence stemmed from a rally to mark the BNP's founding anniversary on Thursday. Party leaders and activists gathered at the city's Railgate No. 2 area around 11:00am, but were blocked by police when they tried to lead a procession, reports UNB.

A scuffle ensued, with the two sides taking turns charging at one another until 12 pm. BNP men pelted police personnel with brickbats, while law enforcers fired tear gas shells to disperse the activists.

A man, identified as Shaon Prodhan, was injured in the clashes and rushed to Narayanganj General Hospital, where doctors declared him dead.

He had a 'bullet wound' on his chest, according to Nazmul Hossain Bipul, a physician at the hospital's emergency department.

Shaon, a resident of Fatulla's Panchabati Nabinagar area, was a member of the BNP's youth affiliate, Jubo Dal.

"He died before reaching the hospital. Another 20 people have received treatment at the hospital," said Nazmul.

The clashes spread panic throughout the area. The nearby Morgan School was holding its examinations at the time. Five students required medical attention after they fell sick from exposure to tear gas, according to Nazmul.

Addressing the incident, Narayanganj's Superintendent of Police Golam Mostafa Russel said, "The BNP supporters occupied the road and began holding their programme without prior permission from the authorities. The activists grew agitated when police intervened."

Several cocktail bombs bombs were detonated during the confrontation, according to him. Police responded by firing tear gas shells to restore order.

At least 15 police personnel were injured in the clashes, five of whom were sent to a hospital, he added.

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