Leftist alliance calls half-day hartal on March 28

| Updated: April 23, 2022 22:08:25

Leftist alliance calls half-day hartal on March 28

The Left Democratic Alliance (LDA) has called a half-day hartal on March 28 to protest the soaring prices of edible oil and other essential commodities.

The strike will be observed from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm, Saiful Haque, coordinator of the LDA, said at a media briefing at the capital's Purana Paltan on Friday, reports bdnews24.com.

The leftist alliance had also taken an initiative to hold meetings, rallies, marches, processions, demonstrations and distribution of leaflets across the country from Mar 13 to 27 in a bid to carry out effective strike action.

Saiful, also the general secretary of the Revolutionary Workers Party, called on the public to support the nationwide movement for "the sake of their own survival".

"Today, the people of the country are frustrated by the unusual and unbridled rise in prices of essential food items. The food intake of billions of poor and low-income people has declined. A large part of the population is not able to eat well for two days. If this situation continues, the country may fall into a famine again," he said.

Saiful criticised the government for lacking "an effective monitoring" mechanism to control the market. As a result, a 'profiteering rogue syndicate' has taken the people of the country hostage, he said.

"Every day, they are stealing millions of takas from the pockets of consumers. The prices of every food item are skyrocketing due to the government's nefarious collusion with importers, millers, warehouse keepers and middleman syndicates. ”

In the last decade, electricity prices have risen 90 per cent, gas prices by 148 per cent, diesel prices 62 per cent and water prices are up 264 per cent along with the spiralling food prices, according to him.

"It is clear that there is no logical reason for the abnormal rise in prices of essential kitchen commodities, including rice, onions and cylinder gas."

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