Govt trying to control media: Rizvi

| Updated: January 28, 2019 18:48:25

Govt trying to control media: Rizvi

BNP on Monday alleged that the government is trying to control the media to stop its criticisms and gag the voice of its opponents.

"The media are being monitored and regulated regularly by a dark shadow after the national election so that no can say anything against the government," said BNP senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi.

He came up with the remarks while speaking at a press conference at BNP's Nayapaltan central office, reports UNB.

The BNP leader said one-party rule has now reached such a level in the country where people have no right to raise their voice. "People must be subjected to harassment and repression by police if they express any dissenting opinion. People now will have to praise only an individual and a party. Or else, they may face imprisonment or serious punishments."

He alleged that the country's law and order situation deteriorated seriously after the election as the incidents of rape, abduction, killing, enforced disappearance and robbery are on the rise.

Rizvi alleged that law enforcers now have got busy with political activities instead of suppressing the offenders after 'ensuring' Awami League's victory through 'vote robbery', causing the slide in law and order.

Referring to media reports, he said killing, abduction and repression on women and children marked a sharp rise over the last few days.

The BNP leaders said though the law enforcers are supposed to ensure public security, they themselves have now become the cause of fear for people. "Some law enforcers were arrested yesterday (Sunday) for their involvement in various offences like killing and rape."

Rizvi said law enforcers have got desperate as the government used them to carry out unfair acts during the voting. "People are getting deeply worried since law enforcers are engaging in criminal acts. Law is now controlled by the government."

He also said the government is restoring to various tricks and plots to prolong BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia's stay in jail by delaying her bail in different cases.

The BNP leader demanded the government take immediate steps to release Khaled and other leaders and activists of the party who were arrested in different 'false' cases.


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