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Govt to relax drone rules

Published: February 28, 2020 21:11:09 | Updated: February 29, 2020 14:11:08

Govt to relax drone rules

The government is loosening rules allowing use of drones for research, survey, photography, movie-making, feasibility studies and entertainment, reports bdnews24.com. 

The civil aviation and tourism ministry has taken opinions from stakeholders after drafting the guidelines on registering and flying unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs.

Joint Secretary to the civil aviation ministry Jnanendra Nath Sarker told bdnews24.com the draft will be finalised next week.

The ministry will gazette it after getting the cabinet’s go-ahead, he added.

No permission will be required to fly drones that do not weigh more than 7 kilograms in an altitude below 50 feet and three kilometres away from airports and Key Point Installations or KPIs.

To fly drones three and a half kilometres away from the airports and KPIs, the maximum altitude will be 100 feet.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh or CAAB’s permission will be required in all other cases. For drones weighing over 7kg, the importers will need permission from the defence ministry.

Anyone will be able to operate drones for entertainment.

For other purposes, the operator will have to be at least 18 years old and has a minimum educational qualification of SSC.

Those found in breach of the rules will face punishment and fines under related laws.

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