Man arrested over killing wife at Cox’s Bazar hotel

Man arrested over killing wife at Cox’s Bazar hotel

A man suspected of killing his wife has alleged to police that he committed the murder after discovering that his wife's negligence led to the death of their youngest daughter, who drowned in a bucket of water in the bathroom of a hotel in Cox’s Bazar.

Police arrested Jemin Biswas, 40, in front of a Marsa Transport bus station near Shah Amanat Bridge at 3:30 pm on Saturday, according to Chattogram’s Bakalia Police Station chief Md Abdur Rahim.

A bdnews24.com report says the victim has been identified as Suma Dey, 36. Her dead daughter was eight months old.

Police recovered the body of Suma and her daughter from Hotel Sea Alif in Cox’s Bazar’s Kalatali. Jemin had been on the run after murdering his wife.

Jemin and Suma, along with their children, arrived at Cox’s Bazar for a trip on Tuesday and rented a room in the beach-side hotel.

Suma had been suffering from blood pressure-related illnesses. Jemin suggested that she take rest as she was feeling sick after she woke on Friday, according to the police.

Afterwards, Jemin went outside with two of his daughters to get breakfast. One of the daughters was a first-grader, while the other was a second-grader. When they returned, Jemin said he found his youngest daughter dead in the bathroom.

“He punched and then strangled his wife after sending his two other children into the prayer room,” Rahim said.

Jemin fled to Banshkhali with two of his children and left them at a relative’s house on Friday. He went into hiding from there, the police officer said.

Officers from the Bakalia Police Station handed him over to Cox’s Bazar police after arresting him, said Md Mahfuzul Islam, superintendent of Cox's Bazar Police.

He added that details of the incident will be disclosed to the media after interrogating Jemin.

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