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Jasim Uddin Museum yet to be fully open

A Correspondent | Published: January 21, 2020 21:31:40

Jasim Uddin Museum in Faridpur  	— FE Photo Jasim Uddin Museum in Faridpur — FE Photo

FARIDPUR, Jan 21: Construction of Jasim Uddin Museum was completed in 2013 at a cost of Tk 130 million.

Later, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the museum on March 29, 2017 during a visit to Faridpur. From then on, authority has kept the museum open 'experimentally.'

The museum has separate administrative building, a library, a resource centre, a dormitory and an open stage. These have been lying idle as the museum is not come into operating fully.

The library of the museum is as Ansar camp and the room -- fixed for resource centre -- is completely empty.

Sources said there is no manpower shortage at the museum, which is under the supervision of the National Museum in Dhaka.

A good number of locals said, "We do not know why the authority is taking so much time for its full-fledged opening."

A visitor from Gopalganj said there is nothing inside the museum. Everything has been kept in the old house of the poet. There is nothing to see except the new building.

The visitor said the museum authority also raised the ticket price for entering the poet's house. The ticket price was Tk 5.0 before but Tk 20 now.

Another visitor Nayan Mia said, "The government spent a large amount of money for the project, but it is still incomplete."

Zafar Ali Mia, in-charge of the museum, said that the museum was "experimentally" opened to the public under the verbal order of the then director-general Faizul Latif Chowdhury.

There are 22 manuscripts, book covers, books, beds, texts, various images used by the poet and his family, among the 196 exhibits shown here.

Meanwhile, the acquisition of the house of the poet is in progress. When it's done, the archive will be completed.

People of the locality demanded that the museum of 'Polli Kobi' be opened fully swing. At the same time, everything he used should be preserved by the government.


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