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26 Bangladeshis killed in ‘revenge attack’ in Libya

Published: May 29, 2020 09:29:15 | Updated: May 29, 2020 14:45:12

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The family of a slain Libyan human trafficker killed 26 Bangladeshi and four African migrants in revenge; Libya’s internationally recognised Government of National Accord (GNA) said on Thursday.

The GNA interior ministry said in a statement that the migrants had been killed in the town of Mizda and that 11 injured survivors were taken to a hospital in Zintan, reports reuters.

Libya has long been a destination for migrants because of its oil-funded economy, but is also an important way-station for people attempting to reach Europe across the Mediterranean.

“We have just learned of this tragedy and are following up to get more details and provide assistance to survivors,” said Safa Msehli, Libya spokeswoman for the International Organisation for Migration.

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