Workouts for glowing skin

| Updated: December 07, 2022 17:53:06

Workouts for glowing skin

Workout has numerous benefits for an individual's skin. It helps you expand your metabolism, strengthen your immune system, and reduce the impurities in your skin, which ultimately gifts healthy skin. 

To be specific, while we work out, our body flushes out toxins to remove all the impurities from our skin. At the same time, it releases some hormones to balance our overall mood, which results in glowing and clear skin. 

Such as Dopamine which helps in managing skin functioning and a healthy outward. Simultaneously, it also enhances microcirculation in our body and decreases wrinkles, blemishes, and pimples. 

Ideal frequency and length of the workout

Vaishnavi Boora, a fitness coach and fashion and lifestyle influencer from India, mentioned in a conversation with this writer, "It varies from person to person. But on the average note, a grown-up person should do at least 30 minutes of workouts daily. 150 minutes in a week of moderate-intensity physical activity and not less than two days of muscle-strengthening activity are standard. And if someone wants faster results, they may exercise more as suggested by their trainers."

Diet check

In her perspective, getting a great workout goes beyond the number of repetitions you do or the miles you log on the treadmill. What you eat before and after a race or a workout can either help or hinder your performance.

"Now it depends on the person's motive behind their workout whether it is for weight loss, weight gain, muscle gain, or a person is PCOS, PCOD, or Thyroid patient. However, everyone should include a balanced micronutrient-based protein-rich diet to keep themselves fit and energetic. The stability between protein, carbs, and fats is a must," she added. 

She suggested some food items you can add to your routine before and after workouts.

Before workout:

  1. Oatmeal with low-fat milk and fruits
  2. Fruit and yoghurt smoothie
  3. Low-fat latte and an apple 
  4. A banana
  5. Egg and whole-wheat toast

After Workout:

  1. Greek yoghurt and fruit
  2. Chicken, brown rice, and veggies


  • Do a proper warm-up before starting your workout.
  • Start slowly and boost your level gradually unless you are frequently working out.
  • Remember that training too hard or too often can cause overuse injuries like stress fractures, stiff or sore joints and muscles, and inflamed tendons and ligaments.
  • Listening to your body is a must. Hold off on exercise when you're not feeling well or feeling very fatigued.
  • Choose clothes and shoes specially designed for your type of exercise. Replace the shoes with new ones every six-eight months as the cousins wear out.
  • If you gradually stop exercising for a while, get back to a lower level of exercise initially.

Exercise according to weight and age type

"For senior citizens, water aerobics are in trend nowadays. On the other hand, physical sports such as Kungfu-Karate for children and workouts like strength training, stretching, and balance exercise are good for adults," said Vaishnavi.

She thinks that it depends on the individual's guidance and training structure. In your 20s, 30 minutes of cardio followed by 30 minutes of weight training three times a week, plus forty-five to sixty minutes of straight cardio three times a week, including one day of rest.

"But in your 30s and 40s, exercise is a form of preventative medicine. For 1 hour of circuit training, which includes cardio and resistance four 4 times a week, in addition to that, a minimum 1-day high-intensity cardio and then take a day off."

In the 50s and 60s, four to six cardio sessions a week, twenty to forty minutes each, with an intensity, half an hour of weight training, especially 8-12 reparations of each exercise, or 15-20 using lighter weight. Always Stretch afterward. 

A healthy lifestyle will impact your body and transform your skin into a shining beauty. It increases your heart rate, improving your blood circulation to the skin and also appropriately delivers nutrients and oxygen to your skin.

"Regular exercise can build your muscle mass, so your body appears more toned and fit. Last but not least, everyone should adopt a healthy life to be beautiful inside out because a healthy mind and glowing skin along with a fit body is a necessity in the coming years," Vaishnavi suggested. 

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