Long-term Covid effect found in recovered patients: Study

| Updated: February 03, 2023 22:29:37

Long-term Covid effect  found in recovered patients: Study

Long-term effects have been found in people recovered from Covid infection, with 12 per cent of the recovered developing depression from the mild to severe category as a long-term Covid psychological effect, according to a new study.  

People with chronic kidney disease were found to be largely vulnerable to Covid infection, with a 10 times higher death rate than others.

A team of doctors and researchers in Bangladesh came up with the disclosure at a symposium in the city on Monday held at the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University Hospital (BSMMU).  The symposium was organised by the Kidney Disease Research Group.

This study with commission from the BSMMU studied 804 doctors and health workers from various healthcare institutions in Dhaka from July to November 2022.

Professor Md Sharfuddin Ahmed, the research team's leader and BSMMU vice-chancellor, stated that Corona has killed healthcare workers, including doctors, in Bangladesh.

"40 per cent of doctors and 34 per cent of nurses recovered from Covid infection were found to be suffering from long-term effects," he added.

He referred to previous studies that showed that patients with kidney disease are at the highest risk of death from Covid infection.

Patients on dialysis who have Covid infection have a 50% chance of dying. The risk of death in patients with chronic kidney disease is 10 times higher than the general population, speakers said at the event.

Peritoneal dialysis patients are at increased risk of contracting Covid. Kidney transplant patients have a 50 per cent risk of dying from corona. Corona vaccine is less effective in kidney transplant patients. Corona vaccine is 87 per cent effective in dialysis patients. Coronary vaccination can reverse nephritis, according to the studies.

UGC Prof Dr Sajal Krishna Banerjee said that Covid is not over. Many countries around the world have Covid. Always be prepared for Covid infection, he suggested.

According to the symposium, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, chronic non-communicable diseases, on the other hand, Covid and pneumonia are communicable diseases.

In the case of Covid, there are some complications of these two diseases and one affects the other.

Diabetes and high blood pressure are likely to become uncontrollable in case of Covid pneumonia. On the other hand, those with diabetes and high blood pressure are also more likely to have Covid complications.

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