Chia seeds for improved skin and hair condition

| Updated: January 05, 2023 19:28:54

Chia seeds for improved skin and hair condition

Did you know that chia seeds are more than just a health supplement to your diet, despite all the hype about them being a superfood? 

Organic chia seeds have the ideal combination that benefits your skin and hair. These oval-shaped, grey-coloured seeds, which come from the Salvia Hispanica blooming plant, are a natural source of all the good things and are easily identified by their black and white dots. 

Time to know how Chia seeds may be ideal friends for your skin and hair.

Chia seeds for healthy skin

Chia seeds are a nutritional powerhouse loaded with protein, antioxidants, healthy fats, minerals, and vitamins E, B1, B2, and B3. They are also a fantastic source of Omega 3 fatty acids, which prevent ageing, lessen acne scars, and ensure that your skin looks radiant. 

Chia oil, a prominent ingredient in the skincare industry, is obtained by pressing chia seeds. Let's first create a fast face mask before moving on to the chia seed advantages for the skin. 

Combine two teaspoons of organic chia seeds, one teaspoon lemon juice, and half a cup of coconut oil. 

Apply the mask to your face, then relax for 10 to 12 minutes. Massage the gel-like coating that the chia seeds will form in a while. 

After a few minutes of circular massaging, wash off your face with lukewarm water. After that, pat dries your face and feel the exfoliating magic. 

By eliminating dead skin cells and hydrating, relaxing, and moisturising your face, this easy chia seed mask demonstrates the before and after effects of chia seeds on the skin. It gives you healthier skin in only a few minutes.

So, how do chia seeds work?

Fights damage from free radicals: Chia seeds' high antioxidant content aids in preventing UV-induced free radical damage. This lessens wrinkles and other age-related indications of skin ageing. 

Soothes inflammation: Most skin problems are caused by some irritation. Chia seeds' cooling effects reduce inflammation, calm the skin, and keep it looking healthy and glowing. 

Improved barrier against sun rays: Acne and skin pigmentation are caused by outside factors, including UV radiation and dust particles. Chia seeds' Omega-3 fatty acids create a powerful barrier to protect skin from damage.

Hydration: The amazing hydration that chia seeds can offer due to their water-holding capacity is another of its skin benefits. Chia seeds are quite helpful since they promote optimal hydration, which is the key to keeping healthy skin. 

Glow and shine: Eating chia seeds can improve skin's suppleness and make it look radiant and healthy from the inside out because they are high in vitamins A and C, iron, and potassium. 

Chia seeds for hair 

Chia seeds are a great natural solution for various hair health issues because of their outstanding nutritional value. The advantages of chia seeds for hair growth are sure to keep those tresses happy and dancing, from mending damaged hair to enhancing scalp health and combating greying difficulties.

Strengthening hair: Among other vitamins and minerals, chia seeds are high in phosphorus and the protein I-lysine. These are proven to strengthen hair fibres and give roots and follicles strength, minimising breakage. The copper content further enhances the strengthening advantages of chia seeds for hair in chia.

Increased hair growth: Chia seeds work wonders from within the scalp since they are filled with necessary amino acids. They prevent hair loss and stimulate the development of new hair. They also aid in reducing scalp inflammation. Zinc and copper assist hair developing properties by preventing hair thinning. Zinc also aids in the battle against scalp infections by triggering the body's immunological response. 

Improves hair elasticity: Chia seeds have a gel-like consistency when soaked, which contributes to their softening properties, much like the face mask discussed previously. They can be included in hair masks and at-home treatments to increase hair elasticity. 

By nourishing the hair and making it more malleable, it works wonders for transforming lifeless, dry hair into silky and lustrous manes. 

Thus, soaked chia seeds act as a natural conditioner to tame frizzy and dull hair. 

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