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Dhaka University launches health insurance scheme for students

| Updated: October 14, 2021 00:18:11

Dhaka University launches health insurance scheme for students

The authorities of Dhaka University (DU) have launched a health and life insurance scheme for its students.

Under the scheme, the students will get treatment from listed hospitals after paying Tk 270 in premium per annum.

At the time of admission every year, they will have to pay an annual fee of Tk 270 in premium, said a press release issued on Tuesday.

The students who can't pay the fees at the time of admission in the current session will also be able to make payment afterwards through the website http://student.eis.du.ac.bd.

Each of the students will get a maximum of Tk 50 thousand annually in case of admission to hospitals. They will get a maximum of Tk 5 thousand per day as cabin or ward cost, hospital service, doctor fee, medicine cost and test charge, the release added.

Annually Tk 10 thousand is allocated to the students for outdoor treatment purposes.

The students will get the facilities until they reach the age of 28. After it, they won't get the facilities, the release said.

For further information, the students have been asked to visit the university website http://www.du.ac.bd.

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