BRAC University Economics Club organises career counselling seminar

Dignitaries, organisers, and guest speakers pose for a photo after the session Dignitaries, organisers, and guest speakers pose for a photo after the session

Brac University Economics Club (BUEC) organised a career counselling seminar on February 16 at the BRAC University campus in collaboration presented by Kore Search with the goal of connecting students with the prospects of the corporate world. The three invited speakers were Kazi Naim, founder and CEO of Kore Search, Mohammed Zia Uddin, supply director Bangladesh - Sri Lanka Cluster, Reckitt, Didarul Alam Khan, executive director and head of brands, Walton Hi-Tech Industries PLC. Furthermore, the entire Economics and Social Science department, alongside the business and economics students of BRAC University, were invited to join the seminar.
The event commenced with the arrival of the Chairperson and Professor of the Economics and Social Science Department, Dr Wasiqur Rahman Khan alongside BUEC advisor Associate Professor Dr Muhammad Shafiullah and Assistant Professor Dr ASM Shakil Haider.
The seminar began with an introduction from Mohammad Zia Uddin, who shared his knowledge regarding supply chain management from his past experience working with Unilever Bangladesh Ltd, Abul Khair Group, and DGM Procurement. The participants were informed of the current unemployment situation in Bangladesh as well as the average labour force distribution across business management positions in various companies in order to hint to students at the aspects of the upcoming job markets they may be experiencing in sharing his advice to the soon-to-be graduates. After the commencement of his speech, he was awarded a crest as a token of appreciation by the Chairman of the ESS department Dr Wasiqur Rahman Khan, who also then shared a few words to welcome the speakers.
Arif Emon, the programme coordinator for Kore Search, spoke on the opportunities and training sessions offered by Kore Search and had a friendly interaction with the participants. Didarul Alam Khan connected his own life stories to the students and shared some valuable tips and motivated students so that they do not live someone else's dream but to find their own goals and purpose. The students were very intrigued with their life journey and gained further insights into the current job market situations. This interactive session ended with several more valuable pieces of advice from Didarul Alam Khan on how to succeed.
The final speaker of the session was the founder of Kore Search, Kazi Naim. He spoke about how vital skill development is for today's job market. He also encouraged others to develop their skills outside academics while also maintaining a reasonable grade score and recalled his past experiences. He gave students an opportunity to attend quizzes in between his speech to engage and connect with the students, who were later awarded a gift bag from Kore Search. He concluded the session with a note encouraging students to talk more with people who are already working in their interested field.
The event commenced with sharing of crests for each speaker Mr Kazi Naim, Didarul Alam Khan, Associate Professor Muhammad Shafiullah and Assistant Professor ASM Shakil Haider as a token of appreciation from BUEC and Kore Search and a gift bag from Kore Search. The students and the BUEC team had a friendly chat with the speakers in-person alongside the Kore search team where future prospects were discussed. A final photo session was held, and the friendly seminar ended on a good note.

The writer is studying in third year at Bachelor of Social Science in Economics in Economics and Social Sciences Department at BRAC University.
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