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Vietnam's industrial production rises 8.86 pc in 2019

| Updated: February 29, 2020 12:01:20

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Vietnam's national index of industrial production rose 8.86 per cent on-year in 2019, the country's General Statistics Office announced on Tuesday.

Main driver of the surge, the processing and manufacturing sector, went up 11.29 per cent, contributing 2.23 percentage points to the overall growth.

Electricity production and distribution sector grew 9.14 per cent, contributing 0.44 percentage points, and water supply and waste management grew 7.72 per cent, contributing 0.05 percentage points.

Between January and December, production of raw steel and iron witnessed the largest output expansion on-year, at 33.4 per cent, followed by oil and petrol (up 22.2 per cent), television set (up 15.1 per cent), and aquaculture fee (up 13.8 per cent), reports Xinhua.

Industrial products with significant output reductions included liquefied petroleum gas (down 3.4 per cent), crude oil (7.7 per cent), motorbikes (8.1 per cent), refined sugar (13.7 per cent), and phones components (13.8 per cent).

As of December 1, the total number of employees in the industrial sector rose 2.8 per cent on-year. Employment in the processing and manufacturing businesses and electricity production and distribution ones both went up 3.0 per cent, said the office.

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