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‘Digital platforms can enhance connectivity between people, budget-makers’

Digital Budget Information helpdesk launched

| Updated: May 31, 2022 20:55:51

‘Digital platforms can enhance connectivity between people, budget-makers’

By ensuring effective participation of the people in the making and implementation processes of the national budget, pro-people and inclusive development can be further accelerated, opined speakers and stakeholders.

To do so, there is no alternative to increasing the extent of the exchange of views between the parliamentarians and the citizens. And digital platforms can facilitate such interactions, they suggested.

Their opinions and recommendations came at the inauguration of the ‘Digital Budget Information Helpdesk’ programme, organised by Unnayan Shamanna, a non-government think tank.

Under this programme, parliamentarians, media professionals, researchers, and other stakeholders will be able to get budget-related research and information support from the research team of Unnayan Shamannay.

At the same time, by using a website named ‘Amader Shangshad’ (Our Parliament), voters will be able to communicate their budget-related demands and suggestions to respective parliamentarians.

Additionally, before and after the budget for the next fiscal year is proposed, budget-related live discussion sessions will be broadcasted via social media platforms (where people will be able to directly interact with the sector experts).

The programme was inaugurated virtually by former minister of information and current Chair of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on the Ministry of Information, Hasanul Haq Inu.

The welcome remarks were made by Unnayan Shamannay Chair and former governor of Bangladesh Bank, Professor Dr Atiur Rahman.

Dr Rahman pointed out that the budget for the next fiscal year is going to be proposed under special circumstances.

On the one hand, there are the demands for recovery following the pandemic, Dr Atiur said, adding that  there is pressure to go for a somewhat contradictory fiscal policy in the context of the national macroeconomic situation caused by the geopolitical turmoil.

Stakeholders will be looking to this budget to direct towards a balanced approach, he says.

In this context, the services of the Digital Budget Information Helpdesk will be especially useful for the stakeholders, Dr Atiur added.

Hasanul Haq Inu pointed out that the lawmakers are especially interested to know the extent to which the budgets are aligned with the national macroeconomic aspirations.

It would be really appreciated if those responsible for the digital helpdesk can provide data and research support to track these issues, he added.

The online launching event was moderated by the organisation’s Project Coordinator Zahid Rahman while the closing remarks were delivered by the organisation’s Emeritus Fellow and eminent sociologist Khondoker Shakhawat Ali.

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